FBI Returns President Trump’s Passports to Mar-a-Lago That They Claimed They Never Took

The FBI has returned the three passports belonging to the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

Federal agents seized them during their alleged search for classified documents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home last week, the Justice Department tells NBC News and CBS News.

If you remember, the Justice Department and FBI originally denied the claim and said that the former President was wrong, now they’re eating crow as usual.

“In the raid by the FBI of Mar-a-Lago, they stole my three Passports (one expired), along with everything else,” Trump wrote on his social media platform, Truth Social. “This is an assault on a political opponent at a level never seen before in our Country. Third World!”

Trump’s team also shared an email Monday from Jay Bratt, chief of the Counterintelligence and Export Control Section of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, confirming the government was returning the three passports, two of the three passports were expired.

The FBI claimed that its procedure to return items collected during a search warrant execution that are not required in the investigation. They knew damn good and well they should have never taken President Trump’s passports, what else did they illegally take?

Warrants are very specific to what can be taken, and have to be listed out as well. The mainstream media as usual is lying about the ramifications of what the Justice Department and the FBI did.

“In executing search warrants, the FBI follows search and seizure procedures ordered by courts, then returns items that do not need to be retained for law enforcement purposes,” the FBI said.

The White House on Sunday said the Justice Department operates independently, shutting down any suggestions that the Biden administration has politicized the DOJ.

“We do not interfere. We do not get briefed,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told ABC’s “This Week.” “The Department of Justice, again, when it comes to law enforcement matters, it is independent, complete independence. And I’m just not going to comment on that. None of us will, because we’re going to let Merrick Garland speak for himself and his department.”

Garland last week said he “personally approved” the decision to search Mar-a-Lago. 

FBI agents were looking for classified documents, reportedly including some related to nuclear weapons.

The Justice Department on Monday opposed the public release of the probable cause affidavit that provided the basis for a judge to approve the search warrant. 

“As the court is aware from its review of the affidavit, it contains, among other critically important and detailed investigative facts: highly sensitive information about witnesses, including witnesses interviewed by the government; specific investigative techniques; and information required by law to be kept under seal,” the DOJ said in the filing.

Thanks to our friends at MSN.com for contributing to this article.

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