FBI Raids Epstein’s Island Two Days After His ‘Suicide’

The FBI raided the island of Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein two days after his apparent “Suicide” on Monday.

Agents rolled up to the Island via speed boats, and roamed the grounds on golf carts.

According to The Daily Mail:

FBI agents were seen raiding Jeffrey Epstein’s private US Virgin Island, which has been dubbed ‘Pedophile Island’, as the sex trafficking probe around the now deceased billionaire intensifies, as exclusive DailyMailTV footage shows the search being carried out. 

A large group of FBI officers were seen disembarking speedboats at the pier of Little St James on Monday morning and driving around on golf carts after the 66-year-old was found dead by suicide in his New York jail cell early on Saturday morning.  

Other officials with ‘FBI’ lettering on clear display were later seen overlooking the crystal blue sea from the top of Epstein’s remote luxury home off the coast of St Thomas.

The search comes after 2,000 pages of documents detailing the lurid allegations of his sexual abuse of underage girls were unsealed to the public on Friday, adding more fuel to the fire of the government’s case of sex trafficking against Epstein.  

You can see more exclusive content from our friends at The Daily Mail.

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Greg Burton
Greg Burton
3 years ago

I don’t think the FBI thinks Epstein is dead, either.