FBI Issues Arrest Warrant for Infowars Host Owen Shroyer for Standing on Capitol Steps on January 6 (VIDEO)

BREAKING: FBI issues warrant arrest for popular political commentator, Owen Shroyer, in conjunction with allegations stemming from the Capitol riot on Jan 6th.

He was ordered to turn himself in by Monday morning & will plead “innocent” regarding the charges he says aren’t valid.

Here are the charges below:

Watch Shroyer make the announcement Live on his show on Infowars.

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Lisa M Whalen
Lisa M Whalen
1 year ago

So, Alex and Roger are cleared, but now Owen has a warrant? That’s messed up-I hope he doesn’t become a political prisoner like the others. Speaking of which, are they going to let the detained prisoners that they have kept abused and in solitary confinement going to be let out now??

Daniel Osborn
Daniel Osborn
1 year ago

I assume the rest of the document actually contains some charges, because what I see here doesn’t. However, if the date of this DPA is Feb. of 2020, and it states the period the DPA is in force is only four months, Shroyer was no longer under the restrictions of that agreement. So, how can he be charged with anything at all?