Over the last year or so, there have been a variety of twists and turns in the saga of the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. One of those turns includes the high probability that the FBI orchestrated the entire thing to entrap people and reinforce a politicized narrative, that being the “right ” is a domestic terror threat to Democrats. That fit right into what was being pushed prior to the 2020 election.

Unsurprisingly, several different pieces of evidence emerged showing that FBI agents, including one who ended up being arrested for physically abusing his wife, were essential in organizing and goading vulnerable, disturbed men to go along with the plot. Why did that happen? Not sure, but sure looks like politics was at the center of everything.

We now have the verdicts in the trial of two men charged over the ordeal and they represent a huge blow to the FBI’s credibility.

On Friday April 6, jurors acquitted two men of conspiring to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. and said they were deadlocked on charges against two other men, in a significant defeat for federal prosecutors in one of the highest profile domestic terrorism cases in decades.

The jury consisting of six men and six women found Brandon Caserta and Daniel Harris not guilty of all charges against them, and they did not reach any verdicts on the charges against Barry Croft and Adam Fox. All four men had been accused of plotting to seize Ms. Whitmer, a Democrat, from her vacation home in 2020.

Federal prosecutors and FBI agents sat in silence while Mr. Harris and Mr. Caserta hugged their lawyers after the verdicts were read.

Andrew Birge, the United States attorney for the Western District of Michigan, said outside the courthouse, “Obviously we’re disappointed in the outcome.” He added, “We still believe in the jury system, and really, there’s not too much more I can say at this time. I appreciate the time the jury put in. They listened to a lot of evidence, deliberated quite a bit.”

The jury was also hung, regarding the charges against the two other men, which means this is pretty much a clean sweep of failure for the government’s case. 

RedState reports show there was a lot of evidence of FBI misconduct, from how everything started to the informants who were used to build the prosecutions. With the totality of the evidence against the men charged boiled down to some less than proper rhetoric, mostly over text messages. Apparently, the jury was not impressed by how all this went down, and it’s good to see that the legal system can still sometimes smell a rat when there is clearly one present.

After all of this, it appears that there was never any serious attempt to kidnap and kill Whitmer. Rather, some men of less than solid repute were herded and groomed to be part of a plot that never would have taken place without the FBI’s involvement. That’s not how any of this is supposed to work.
Domestic terrorism plots are not supposed to be invented by the government in order to support the political narratives of a single party. But it seems that’s what happened here.

And you can be sure, none of this happened right before the 2020 election by accident. There’s no doubt in my mind the FBI and DOJ wanted Donald Trump to lose, and what better way to help that along than to make it seem as if his supporters were domestic terrorists?

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9 months ago

FBI has No credibility!

9 months ago

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9 months ago

Good one

Lesley Tudner
Lesley Tudner
9 months ago

The FBI agents in charge of this should be brought before congress to answer as to how this shit got started and who planned it. Wray in particular should answer.