Fauci Seen Working Beside Portrait of Himself in Hilarious Viral Photo That Speaks Volumes of His Ego

A viral photograph of the so called America’s doctor Anthony Fauci is seen in a nearly two hour long National Geographic documentary hosted on Disney Plus, shows the good doctor working in his home office alongside a portrait of himself. You can’t even make this up anymore.

In the documentary, it’s notable to report that Fauci says people who view him as a “bad guy” only do so because he “represents” the “truth” and it’s something his critics are “uncomfortable” with.

The new documentary titled “Fauci,” is supposed to be a look into Fauci’s life, who’s held public office during a host of pandemics. Is anyone shocked it’s called ‘Fauci?’

“‘Fauci’ examines the life of Dr. Fauci, public servant and physician, whose career spans seven presidents, and every pandemic from AIDS to COVID-19,” the description of the documentary reads on Disney+.

“I just finished the Fauci documentary on Disney+ so you don’t have to,” one Twitter user posted to the social media site, captioning the still of Fauci working in his home office. “Here is what was, for me, the defining image: Fauci at work in his home office, beneath a larger-than-lifesize oil painting portrait of himself.”

The photo of course has now gone viral, and when you see it, you’ll know how insane it is. It’s ridiculous!

What’s your take America, is this an egomaniac?

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Elaine Fortune
Elaine Fortune
11 months ago

Total POS…I look forward to his hanging for Crimes against Humanity!

Paula P
Paula P
11 months ago

Such a narcissist. I would be embarrassed allowing a photo like this to be taken.