Fauci Recommended Remdesivir Over Safer Drugs Knowing It Killed 54% of Test Subjects

Despite the intense censorship on social media, and the heavily biased reporting of the mainstream media….the truth about what’s really happening with these vaccines is slowly but surely coming out. Nothing Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, or this compromised by corruption Biden administration says about this “pandemic” seems to make any sense. If the vaccine works, then why are vaccinated people catching covid and dying like crazy? Why are the most vaccinated places experiences the most breakouts?

Why are they blaming unvaccinated people for vaccinated people catching covid? Why is no one on the mainstream news talking about any of the debilitating side effects and deaths from this vaccine? Shouldn’t an informed public make their own decisions? Why are government officials gleefully suspending the constitutional rights of the people by forcing them to inject an untested substance, and show papers for a disease that’s more survivable than most? Why are the county commissioners in my state talking about banning free speech so not one can talk negatively about this vaccine? Why are they declaring the Pfizer vaccine as “fully FDA approved” when it’s technically not? Comirnaty (which they don’t even have on the market yet) had its licensing agreement approved. Nothing in what came out actually says that the Pfizer vaccine was fully approved. If they had actually approved it they’d have to pull all the other vaccines from the market, and start holding Pfizer liable for all these deaths and injuries. I’m sure it also has *nothing* to do with the fact that if Pfizer doesn’t get full approval by September 30th, 2021, then countries from around the world can get out of their predatory contract with them. That might definitely explain the intense fervor in which our compromised government is forcing vaccines everywhere before that can happen. Not sure if you’ve seen the contracts Pfizer has with foreign countries, but not only did they want full immunity from ever being sued even if they kill people in negligence or with malice (on purpose) …but they wanted these countries to put up their embassies, military bases, and airports as “collateral.” What the hell is Pfizer going to do with another country’s military base? How many people do they expect to kill and injure with these vaccines, that they’re anticipating bankrupting entire countries with their lawsuits? What the hell is really going on here?

The minute Rand Paul called out Fauci and proved he was the one that illegally funded and manufactured this disease in the first place (with our foreign enemy China of all people) he should have been dragged off to the stockades, tried, and dealt with. Fauci is personally responsible for the deaths of every single person on this planet that died of either covid and whatever’s in that jab he’s pushing….but as it turns out, creating the virus to kill us isn’t the only way he’s been committing mass genocide. Watch this video of an expert explain how Fauci lied about the both the efficacy and safety of Remdesivir which he recommended in treating covid: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Pz0SBTvKrDrV/ Please do watch it, it’s more detailed than I can summarize.

“The Safety Board pulled remdesivir from the (original Ebola) study because it killed more people than any of the other three drugs,” Dr Bryan Ardis foes on to say, “remdesivir killed 54% of all the people that got the drug.”

That’s right, the “successful” study he quoted was based on a single patient, and he failed to mention how Remdesivir was pulled from trial after only 6 months because 54% of people taking it died. It causes kidney, liver, and renal failure in roughly a third of those that take it, so if they’re already sick on top of it, then this is certainly going to be the nail in the coffin.

In a study the WHO had accidentally posted and then took down, The Guardian noticed that if anything it actually proved Remdesivir didn’t help covid at all. What madman suggests a drug with that high a mortality rate, over others that are cheaper and working better all across the globe? Is Fauci *trying* to kill as many people as possible, much like Cuomo put sick patients into nursing homes to “boost” the death tolls?

The renal failure it was causing did not go unnoticed, according to PubMed.gov’s own website “The combination of the terms “acute renal failure” and “remdesivir” yielded a statistically significant disproportionality signal with 138 observed cases instead of the 9 expected.” In other words if the covid didn’t kill them, Remdesivir’s damage to their kidneys and organs will.

Testimony of experts per Medical Daily:

“Not supportive of this decision at all,” tweeted Eric Topol, MD, director, Scripps Research Translational Institute, soon after the FDA’s announcement Thursday evening. “Does it work early? Does it work late? Does it work anytime? So much unresolved.”

Peter Bach, MD, director of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Center for Health Policy and Outcomes, concurred, also in a tweet.

“Agreed, astonishing. Of the three included studies, one lacked control, two lacked blinding, all three lacked inclusion of current standard of care, results mixed, and an entirely negative real world RCT was larger than these put together. ‘Effective’? What?”

Even MSN called bullshit on how it was approved over shoddy studies, although they go on to blame Trump and not Fauci because….well, it’s MSN: “Perhaps it was just fine that the FDA relied on what was essentially an in-house trial to approve remdesivir and that Hahn has been unusually amenable to Trump’s demands for approving sketchy Covid-19 treatments. And perhaps it’s fine that Alex Azar, a former pharmaceutical executive and Big Pharma lobbyist who is a Trump loyalist, runs HHS and supervises Hahn.”

If you’re wondering how the hell they decided a 54% mortality rate was “acceptable” it’s because they “guess” these people must have been sicker, you know…because it couldn’t possibly be the brand new drug they were testing on them. I wish I was kidding…..

At the same time cheaper, safer, and more effective medications like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are being banned, discouraged, and restricted even though the studies and results from them are honestly way more promising. A full dose of Remdesivir costs $4,500 while Ivermectin is around $25 and hydroxychloroquine is around $12. If Fauci admits they work, than all these experimental vaccines will immediately lose their emergency use status and the government has even less of a right than they already do to be pushing it on the public. The only conclusion anyone can draw from this is that for whatever reason…Dr. Fauci is actively and knowingly killing people off. While this seems like a horror movie plot, I hate to tell you…but it isn’t the first time he’s done it. In the 1980’s the CDC pretty much needed a pandemic to validate their existence and funding, then lucky for them all of a sudden AIDS appeared. Which is interesting because supposedly HIV was spliced into covid-19 in the lab to make it more contagious and deadly. I mean, what could go wrong? Something tells me HIV didn’t come from someone fucking a monkey, anymore than covid came from someone eating a bat. That’s just not how diseases work. They don’t just magically manifest themselves and cross completely different species out of no where….we know for a fact now (because they selfishly tried to patent it to make money) that they purposely created SARS and then later manipulated coronavirus in a lab to make it even more contagious to humans and deadly. Is it really beyond the realm of possibilities that these same people also created HIV? Nevertheless Fauci’s “cure” for AIDS was AZT, which he based of a sole study (yet again produced by the manufacturers themselves) where only the placebo group who didn’t take it and one other person who did survived. Does that sound like a “successful” study to you? Fauci claimed it was a success and during a time where internet sleuths couldn’t call him out for bullshit, he continued to push it as the main form of treatment and subsequently killed a whole lot of patients. We will never actually know how many people this gnomish psychopath has killed in his lifetime, but I do think it’s clear who’s protecting him. He illegally created this killer virus with China, and the only reason our government is ignoring it is because it’s become awfully useful for them in backdooring tyrannical policies and suspending constitutional rights under the guise of “public safety.” It’s not even negligence either, this is all 100% on purpose. Why? Maybe he enjoys the celebrity. Maybe Big Pharma is paying him more than we’ll ever know. Maybe weirdo billionaire globalists like Bill Gates and Soros are using him to depopulate the world and “save” the environment like they’re always psychotically talking about. By the way here’s an article written before covid was even a thing that details how a manufactured pandemic can be used to take away people’s rights, cut down the population, and take over entire countries: https://thedcpatriot.com/pre-covid-news-article-predicts-globalists-will-kill-off-90-of-people-with-a-virus-vaccine-combo/ Is it all starting to all make sense yet?

All I know, is that well researched “conspiracy theories” are making way more sense than anything this China-loving, America-hating administration spews out. China gave Biden’s son a BILLION dollars for a fake investment fund…and we’re not suppose to think it’s suspicious that he just handed them Afghanistan at the cost of American lives and $85 billion dollars of our equipment with a big red bow? Aside from it being untested and the fact it doesn’t seem to work anyway, you will never get this toxic jab into my body because there isn’t a universe I’m taking the “cure” from the same people that made the virus to kill me in the first place. This “vaccine” is injuring and killing more people than covid. Look at this graph and tell me we don’t have a catastrophic problem with the lethality of these untested gene altering vaccines.

Keep in mind more way people have gotten the different flu shot over the years than the covid vaccine…so it has nothing to do with volume. This vaccine has killed and injured more people than all the other vaccines combined….for a virus with a 99.997 survival rate. Two top FDA administrators already stepped down rather than push these completely untested booster shots…I can’t imagine what it is they know about these shots that they couldn’t live with themselves if they continued to push it.

The fatal “treatments” Fauci is pushing while denying more effective ones is killing people in droves everyday …and worse, they’re chalked up as “covid deaths” so they can continue to fear monger and strip out rights away. Earlier this week ABC7 made a Facebook post asking for stories from people about losing unvaccinated loved ones, what happened instead was a deluge of people reporting only vaccinated deaths and their grisly side effects. These people were not political…these were average Americans writing from their personal accounts and they all experienced losing loved ones to the vaccine. It’s absolutely terrifying, but necessary to read: https://thedcpatriot.com/news-station-fb-post-accidentally-reveals-more-people-are-being-killed-by-the-vaccine-than-the-media-is-letting-on/

Do whatever you have to do to not take this vaccine. It will kill you, if not immediately then down the road as it destroys your own body and immune system. None of the animals survived through testing, and yet they’re giving it to pregnant women and kids? By the way, if you try to Google that “fact checkers” will tell you it’s “false” that successful animal trials were never done….because they’re currently doing new ones right now at the same time as humans:

So…….you have no successful animal trials, just say it. Considering every commercial on TV these days is for a new drug or suing about an old drug that’s killing people, and Johnson and Johnson got caught putting asbestos in baby powder…why should the American public trust anything the media and Big Pharma say? Awful catastrophes and mass genocides have all happened before to mankind…do not be so blind to think it can’t happen during ours. Do not comply, protest in person right in these tyrant’s faces, and remind the government that they work for us…not the other way around. 🇺🇸

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me through my telegram https://t.me/AmericanAFMindyRobinson or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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[…] Fauci Recommended Remdesivir Over Safer Drugs Knowing It Killed 54% of Test Subjects […]

1 year ago

Just a technical correction: J&J didn’t “put” asbestos in baby powder.. they just didn’t take the trouble to thoroughly eliminate it. Talc and asbestos are natural minerals that tend to show up with each other (mica is another close “relative”).

1 year ago

This is quite an amazing article!
I am sharing the Hell out of it!
Thank you so much for your tenacity, strength, wisdom and courage!!
I wish o could anoint you with medals!!


[…] • Fauci Recommended Remdesivir Over Safer Drugs Knowing It Killed 54% of Test Subjects: https://thedcpatriot.com/fauci-recommended-remdesivir-over-safer-drugs-knowing-it-killed-54-of-test-… […]