Father Shares Daughter’s Death And Suspicious Protocols In Hospital

Tim James of the Health Hero Show recently interviewed a father who lost their child to the insane hospital protocols that are in place since the pandemic.

The following is from Tim James:

I have had many medical professionals on the show speaking out against the current hospital protocols because they are not working and even worse people are dying from them. In this episode I interviewed Scott Schara, the father of Grace Schara, who was a 19 year old girl with Down’s Syndrome. Grace went into the hospital for treatment and ended up dying there. 

Scott was tipped off by some of the nurses working at the hospital that his daughter should not have died which led him to investing over 600 hours researching the hospital protocol that was administered to his daughter. What he found is shocking and since that discovery Scott started a non profit to educate others especially parents on what’s really going on inside the hospitals these days and what you can do to protect yourself and your family. 

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To contact Scott Schara go to: https://ouramazinggrace.net/home

Love & Light 

-Coach Tim.

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