FAKE NEWS: NY Times Mislead and Used 2014 Story to Attack Trump in 2019

The fake news media is at it again, this time with a misleading headline attacking the President.

Documents obtained from Scottish government agencies show that the Trump Organization, and Trump himself, played a direct role in setting up an arrangement between the Turnberry resort and officials at Glasgow Prestwick Airport

However the Times failed to let its readers know that the information in this article is from 2014.

So one of the largest real estate dealers in the world is working on a real estate deal a year before he ever announced he was running for President. The Times then used that information to make it seem like it happened yesterday.

The fake news media is truly the enemy of the American people.

Don Trump Jr. was quick to put them in their place with this fiery response.

Odd that your tweet doesn’t say in 2014? I mean you wouldn’t want people to know you’re biased trying to create a narrative. Sick!

I fixed it for you: Well before politics a developer of the largest and most luxurious resort in the area worked with the local municipalities! 🤡👍

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story is now the liberal media’s official motto.

This is why it’s so imperative for Americans to ask questions and do their own research. Stop believing everything you’re being spoon fed.

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Ray Allan
Ray Allan
2 years ago

Exposing fake news is awesome! Great example of how simple it is for them to fake a story by leaving out the date.