FAKE NEWS CNN: Files Lawsuit Against President Trump & White House For Banning Jim Acosta

In yet another childish tempter tantrum, Fake News CNN has filed a lawsuit against President Trump and the White House over the banning of Jim Acosta.

The lawsuit comes less than a week after the White House announced it would suspend Acosta’s credentials and “Hard Pass” in the wake of the reporters rude and inexcusable behavior with President Trump a a News Conference. Acosta pushed a White House Intern who was trying to get the microphone away from him as video evidence has shown.

The Mainstream Media continues to tell you Jim Acosta did nothing wrong other than ask questions. Acosta has made the news about himself, and not about covering the President or America. A press pass Jimmy is a privilege not a right. There are many outlets including this one who would love to get a White House Press Credential, so what makes CNN special? Especially when they are constantly rude, speaking out of turn, and interrupting the office of the President?

It’s amazing to all of us at America First Media Group that no one from MSNBC, to CNN, to CNBC that has covered this lawsuit filing mentions that Acosta got physical with a young intern. That somehow seems to be missing from all of their stories, I wonder why?


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