FAKE NEWS: CBS NEWS Accuses D.C. Fire Department Recruits of Racism Over ‘OK’ Sign (Circle Game)

This is another reason that liberalism is a mental disorder. It’s still going, despite how many times they’ve been called fake news, and proven wrong, they just keep spewing lies.

What you will see in the picture from CBS News, is recruits for the D.C. Fire Department. They’re playing the circle game. A game that’s been going on for decades, where you make the “ok” sign, and if the other person looks, you get to slug them in the arm. I still remember my elementary school days of the 1980’s of hearing friends scream “made you look” and you dreaded what was coming.

Here once again we have CBS News, a Mainstream Media outlet attacking future American heroes. These heroes are willing to risk their lives to save others as EMT’s and Firefighters across the D.C. Metropolitan area. Some will more than likely be injured, or even worse make the ultimate sacrifice in a career. They deserve better, we all do.

We would love for you to send an email to or comment on this tweet from CBS News if you’re with us, and you’re tired of hearing this fake news, race baiting nonsense.

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