Faith & Freedoms Conference Announced for Dallas, TX May 13-16, Over 35+ Speakers Involved in Event Focused on God First & to Primary the RINO’s

The first annual Faith & Freedoms Conference has been announced and will launch in Dallas, Texas on the weekend of May 13 – May 16th according to the groups organizers.

The conference which teaches the principles of Christ, Country, and Constitution is set to be a four day event in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. The list of speakers is impressive from top to bottom.

The events break down like this, and will be hosted by conservative political analyst & investigator Matt Couch, Nationally known Pastor Brian Gibson, and Dr. Cordie Williams.

Thursday Night Welcome Reception and Meet and Greet with Speakers and Influencers

Friday Speakers & Breakout Sessions from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.

Friday Night Chad Prather LIVE in Concert with Special Stand Up Comedian Bob Dunlap opening for him.

Saturday Speakers and Break Out Sessions

Saturday Night Cupcakes & Cocktails Event Presented by 1776 Forever Free Foundation

Sunday Morning Prayer Breakfast with Pastors Brian & Jessi Gibson

Friday features Fox News contributor Tony Shaffer, Juanita Broderick, Investigative Reporter Kyle Becker, American Priority President Alex Phillips, Pastor Greg Locke, Pastor Mark Burns, among many others. Friday night will feature Blaze Host, Country Music Comedian/Star and Texas Gubernatorial candidate Chad Prather LIVE and in Concert. Special Guest Stand Up comedian Bob Dunlap will open for Prather, and Prather’s Raggamuffin Gospel Choir will also be joining him or a loaded night. $49 gets you into Friday’s Day Session, and $49 for Prather’s concert where 50% of the proceeds will be donated to his Gubernatorial campaign. You can purchase a VIP pass for $199 and that will get you into all six sessions Thursday through Sunday, which is one unbelievable deal considering this list of speakers and guests.

Saturday kicks off again at 9 a.m with Speakers and Break Out Sessions that include Robby & Landon Starbuck, George & Simona Papadopoulos, U.S. Navy SEAL & Vets 4 Child Rescue founder Craig Sawyer, Chuck Callesto, Gary Sheffield Jr, Melissa Tate, Mindy Robinson, Pastor Jessi Gibson, Matt Couch among many others. We’ll have a full list of speakers towards the end of this article.

Saturday night features a Cupcakes and Cocktails event with special guests and speakers sponsored by 1776 Forever Free Foundation PAC. The Saturday Sessions are also $49 each, or you can purchase the VIP package for just $199 and get into all four days events.

Sunday morning will feature a prayer breakfast with Pastors Brian & Jessi Gibson, and possibly some other pastors were told. You won’t want to miss this event Texas, or America for that matter, it’s loaded!

Below is the current list of Speakers for the Faith & Freedom Conference in Dallas, Texas May 13 – May 16

Pastor Greg Locke
Pastor Brian Gibson
Pastor Mark Burns
Matt Couch
Craig Sawyer
Melissa Tate
Gary Sheffield, Jr.
Pastor Jessi Gibson
Doni Anthony
Alex Phillips
Chuck Callesto
Robby & Landon Starbuck
George & Simona Popadopoulos
Mindy Robinson
RI Congressional Candidate Bob Lancia
FL Congressional Candidate Willie Montegue
PA US Senate Candidate Bobby Jeffries
Chad Prather
Tony Shaffer
Juanita Broderick
Eric Matheny
Pastor Dave Scarlett His Glory TV
Chris Lippe
Eric Wnuck – President We The People PAC
Dr. Jason Alexander Roberge
Mike Yoder
Keith & Kenny Lee, MAGA Drag the Interstate Founders
Kyle Becker
Dr. Cordie Williams
Latino’s for America First President Bianca Gracia
Special Q&A with the one and only CATTURD!
Business Finance Guru Ed Butowsky
Cjaye from the Deplorable Choir
Anna Khait
Rachel Hamm
Jordan The Viking Pastor
UFC Hall of Famer & Former World Champion Pat Miletich
30+ Year Licensed Private Investigator Bill Pierce
Freedom First Network Founder Jeff Dornik
National Political Director at American Up Jen Loh
Plus Many Surprise Guests!!

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