Facebook Takes Down Elizabeth Warren Page About Her Fake Cherokee Heritage

It appears that the truth may be dead, especially on tech giants liberal platforms.

A Facebook page dedicated to exposing the lies of democratic presidential nominee Elizabeth Warren and her fake Indian heritage has been removed by the company.

The following is from Legal Insurrection.

In February 2013, I launched ElizabethWarrenWiki.org to put in one place the wide range of research regarding Elizabeth Warren conducted during her 2012 Senate campaign against Scott Brown.

At about the same time, I launched an Elizabeth Warren Wiki Facebook Page. There have been no problems with or warnings from Facebook with the page.

The mission of the Wiki was:

The goal of this Wiki is to be the most comprehensive repository of information and links regarding Elizabeth Warren, United States Senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.Content will be added over time, so please check back frequently.

It may be “coincidence” that just after the Wiki received attention in the looming Bernie-Warren battle, Facebook took down the Wiki’s Facebook page (not the Wiki website, which thankfully Facebook does not control) based on a demonstrably false claim that the page violates Facebook’s “impersonation” policy.

Did a Warren supporter complain to Facebook? We don’t know, but based on past Warren supporter harassment of me at work, it wouldn’t surprise me. All I know is that I received a notification from Facebook that the page has been “unpublished”

You can read more from our friends at LegalInsurrection.com

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