Facebook Suspends Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Chad Prather’s Account Just One Week Before Texas Primary

Is election interference real? Republican candidate for Governor, Blaze TV show host, comedian, and country singer Chad Prather has been suspended for a week by Facebook, literally a week before the Texas Republican Primary.

8 days before Election Day and I get put into 7 days of Facebook jail. Seems legit. #prather2022

We asked Chad Prather for comment, and here’s his response.

So much for Abbott’s promise of new legislation that he intended to make ‘“censoring”’ conservatives ‘“against the law”’ in Texas. Meanwhile he’s remained completely committed to subsidizing facebooks operations in our state.

Facebook is known for banning political candidates before their elections, and Prather isn’t the first, and he won’t be the last. But is this election interference?

It seems unfair that Facebook would be suspending any political candidates the week of an election, but these are the same tech giants that still have the 45th President of the United States suspended across the board, with no sign of his appeal or suspension ever being lifted.

What are your thoughts America? Comment blow

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2 months ago

Fascists will try to get rid of any that may threaten them

Noah Lehr
2 months ago

These big tech companies have ethos that are antithetical to a free society. The social media platforms have become utilities – like railroads and the old phone company. They must be broken up – and immediately they should lose any protections because they clearly control content. Hopefully this election we can finally clean house.

Lisa J Burk
Lisa J Burk
2 months ago

Go to Parler.

2 months ago

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