Facebook Suspends Accounts for Posting Anti-Masks Studies

The Facebook Censorship and Propaganda Team is out again in full force, as they continue to play defense for Big Pharma in encouraging people to inject this experimental “vaccine” into their bodies. They just LOVE blocking all the information they can about it’s crippling and fatal side effects, the fact it only has emergency approval, and that it’s never been tested on anything long term. It also seems that taking down a 130K+ group of people discussing the horrible side effects the vaccine gave them or a loved one, was just *not* going to be enough censorship to push their pharmaceutical-stock-owning-narrative. If you remember back in November, they also took down the “Stop Mandatory Vaccinations” group of almost 200k members and suspended the administrator for “dangerous individuals and organizations.” Apparently the excuse Facebook gave, was that it was a part of a huge anti-Q purge at the time. So it got taken down with many others for posting (believable) “conspiracy theories” about our government like a) we shouldn’t trust our government, b) covid was a scam to take our rights away, backdoor radical leftist policies, and help steal an election and c) that a group of heavily connected people run an elite child sex trafficking ring. I’m sorry, but after Epstein can we all safely assume that latter part is not a “conspiracy?” No one believes that guy killed himself either, no one.

Now they’re moving on to take on the real dangerous criminals on Facebook…people who don’t think masks work. Oooooooooo. Facebook users on both sides of the aisle had their accounts restricted and suspended for daring to post links and articles to scientific studies saying masks don’t work. Including me, as usual…

On what basis, are you wondering?

That’s right, posting links to studies questioning the effectiveness of masks is tantamount to “causing physical harm.” Why? Because Facebook and Chinese Communist Party “fact checkers” said so…

It seems owning your own “fact checking” websites is a great way to prove whatever narrative you’re selling as “correct” on a platform. I’ve exposed dozens of times before how these sites are purposely misleading, manipulative, and outright “incorrect.” I’m actually surprised no one’s sued for libel yet.

If you notice, it claims they referenced “recognized health organizations” to come to their conclusion that masks work, problem is….unless they updated it, they provided no actual referencing to back up their own references within their own articles, we’re all supposed to just believe it because “they say so.” In fact, the CDC itself put out a study last year that masks were ineffective against viruses, as did an independent Danish study, as did the European CDC, as did the Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, as did the University of Illinois, as did the New England Journal of Medicine…but yea, clearly communist country funded fact checkers that use their biased opinions instead references clearly know better than everyone else here, and should totally be put in charge of forming the opinions of the masses that use these platforms.

People are losing their personal and business accounts over these false flags, it just seems like a slick way to make money off people that can still see ads etc on Facebook…but strips them of their ability to voice their opinions and opposition to what’s going on. Why people just don’t go on GAB for the same experience without the censorship and manipulated newsfeed, I do not know. But judging from the fact even liberals trolls are popping up on the platform now…something tells me a LOT of people in this country are finally waking up to this technological tyranny.

GAB @AmericanAFMindy (bookmark the site through DuckDuckGo to get around Apple app censors.)

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Justin Time
Justin Time
1 year ago

Facebook is nothing more than fecal excrement because of their communist/nazi control of eliminating anyone or any site that speaks the truth contrary to what their globalist/communist handlers want people to believe.