Facebook Puts $1 Million Towards Combating Climate Change Misinformation to Help Fact Checkers

That’s right fellow Patriots, the Gestapo over at Facebook Police are at it again. This time devoting $1 million dollars to stop “Climate Change misinformation..”

Facebook introduced the Climate Science Information Center last September, because you know, that’s what’s causing the pandemic, right? It’s now available in 16 countries and has more than 3.8 million followers and over 100,000 daily visitors showing just how insane liberals truly are.

Facebook now says it’s going to invest $1 million in a new “climate misinformation grant program,” in partnership with the International Fact Checking Network, to support organizations working to combat climate change misinformation. Really? This is a thing? Climate change misinformation? It’s pretty simple, if you say it’s going snow, and it doesn’t, you were wrong.

The new proposals will build alliances between fact-checkers, climate experts, and other organizations, also known as Black Shirts and Brown Shirts back in the 1930’s..

Who’s excited about seeing that new button for climate change added next to your Covid buttons?

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