Facebook Pushes Vaccine Lie That “No Safety Concerns” Have Been Made

Propaganda on Facebook is nothing new, but it is reaching new levels of a fascist dystopian future pretty quickly. The fight between Facebook “fact checkers” (who are often actively funded by the CCP and Facebook itself) and the actual truth continues, as Zuckerberg rolls out constant pro-vaccination posts and articles and then forces them into user’s timelines.

This is what came up on my timeline today…

“No safety concerns have been identified?” Are you kidding me? The fact there are more laugh reacts to their article than anything else tells me no one else is buying that BS either.

Multiple countries all over the world have already started pulling the vaccine for injuring and killing people.

Dozens of spontaneous miscarriages and stillbirths have also been reported immediately after taking the vaccine.

Not to mention that this vaccine is supposedly so “safe and tested” that the CEO of Pfizer has not taken it himself.

Oh, and it’s probably a good time to mention if you look on the CDC’s site, they have over 100k+ reports that were made for adverse reactions to the covid vaccine.

None of these things qualify as “safety concerns” to these oh-so-thorough “fact checkers?” Big Tech is literally lying to people to push their radical leftist agenda…and nobody in the government is doing anything about it.

We need to walk away from Facebook. We need to leave en masse so their stocks tank and their money runs dry because no one will be around to look at their scammy ads for cheap Chinese communist products or get clicks for their forced propaganda articles.

Find me on GAB under AmericanAFMindy where we can actually practice our right to free speech AND see the real news critical of the Left that these commies don’t want us to see. 👌🏻

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