Facebook Permanently Suspends Michigan Congressional Candidate Audra Johnson’s Ability to Advertise, She’s Running to Primary RINO Peter Meijer Who Voted to Impeach Trump

Facebook tyranny has struck again, this time going after conservative congressional candidate Audra Johnson, who is running to primary Peter Meijer in Michigan. Meijer if you remember is the RINO (Republican in Name Only) and one of 11 congressional members who are conservatives who voted to impeach President Trump in January.

It’s no surprise that Big Tech is protecting this worm, and now we have the proof.

The following statement was released today from Audra Johnson and her campaign in Michigan.

Press Release

Big Tech is trying to take over my campaign because I am a female conservative candidate running for the United States House. Since I launched my campaign, at CPAC in late February, our campaign and our tech advisors have been trying to work with Facebook to run ads about my upcoming events, fundraisers, and videos.

This is an absolute attack on my first amendment right and an attack on all conservative women running for public office. We all know Facebook’s role in the 2020 elections, but it seems like now if you want your voice to be heard and you’re not a progressive liberal, you cannot use a public platform to promote your candidacy.

Our campaign had to transfer ownership of my campaign page to our campaign manager, and we still have yet to hear from Facebook even after being told that we would have a letter in the mail within seven days to confirm the identity of the campaign. My Facebook has been restricted since February of 2021. Coincidence?…I think not.

Maybe Peter Meijer’s January 6th commission can investigate that instead of taking money from Big Tech. Let me be clear, our ground game and volunteers across my district is unlike any other. We will not slumber and WE WILL WIN Michigan District-3.

What are your thoughts America, how ridiculous is this becoming that big tech is now meddling in elections and not even hiding it?

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1 year ago

OMG! This is getting WAY WAY WAY OUT OF HAND!! I can handle myself being put in Facebook jail for a stupid post, which actually, I am currently waiting out my 30 days, 😆 but for a politician to be put on suspension is another thing! Zuckerberg’s not only tampering with her right to speech, but he is also interfering with an election and her livelihood! He should in jail!


[…] Facebook permanently suspends Michigan Congressional candidate Audra Johnson’s ability to advertis… […]

Black Don Trump
Black Don Trump
1 year ago

GOP candidates should not be on Facebook. Why play in the enemy’s playground?