Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is Developing An “Instagram For Kids” Because That’s Not A Nightmare Idea At All

Big Tech CEO and Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is apparently developing an “Instagram for Kids” because what could go wrong, right America? If this doesn’t sound disastrous enough just from the title, let’s dig in a little shall we?

As many of you know the Heads of Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been getting grilled on Capitol Hill the last couple of weeks because of their awesomeness to society.

Zuckerberg of course faces scrutiny and criticisms from members of Congress on how children and teens are using Facebook’s platforms. Instagram in particular was a topic of discussion.

Members on both sides of the political aisle wanted to know what Facebook was doing to keep kids safe, and to safeguard them and their private information. The intention of the questions weren’t so Zuckerberg could profit off of the information or a social media addiction for children, but what the hell, right?

Zuck delivered on a great detailed statement he’d obviously been thinking about for some time.

“Helping people stay connected with friends and learn about different content online is broadly positive.”

The topic of kids on Instagram was huge because BuzzFeed broke a story last week that the massive photo sharing application is working on a platform for children under the age of 13. It’s currently according to the company in accordance with the Childhood Online Protection Act (COPA). Users have to be over the age of 13 to use Instagram.

Multiple parental groups are extremely concerned with the development of this new idea, and rightfully so. It is literally a nightmare of predators on social media platforms, that could easily infiltrate such a platform and be talking and stalking to your children.

It’s bad enough that children are already becoming addicted to social media addiction, and the enormous amounts of time they are spending on social media. It’s also impacting the health of Americans and children negatively.

Then you get to see Zuckerberg explain all of the money he’s making off of kids under 13 here.

What a true nightmare Big Tech truly is for our children America. As I brought up in one of my tweets yesterday that Lil Nas X took offense to, he has 12.2 million subscribers on YouTube, the majority of them children. Make sure they aren’t your children. It’s our job to parent, and we’re failing!

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K Brown
K Brown
1 year ago

Why does everyone say Zuckerberg is doing this and Gates is doing that?
They’re both long gone.