“F*** You”: School Board President Has Some Not-So-Friendly Words for Parents (VIDEO)

The disrespect from School Boards and Teachers towards American parents who are sick and tired of them not doing their jobs is ridiculous. Now it gets even better on your Friday.

In the following video, you can literally hear the School Board President of a California school district tell a parent she didn’t agree with “F*** You”

Listen to the video below, are you tired of these people teaching your children yet?


The following is from The New York Post:

Marlys Davidson, BOE President of the Los Alamitos Unified School District in Southern California, couldn’t help herself when she let a “f–k you” slip out, directed towards “concerned parent” Lauren Roupoli after she argued against vaccinating children and school mask mandates.

Roupoli was finishing up her fiery public comment when Davidson interrupted applause in support of her speech, informing her that her allotted time was up. 

Roupoli told the board that she believes the risks of vaccinating children far outweigh the benefits. She criticized the board for painting herself and parents with similar concerns as “selfish.”

“We are vocal because we are our children’s biggest advocates,” Ripouli told the board, to a round of applause.

“Thank you. Thank you,” Davidson says during the applause. “Margaret’s next. Thank you. You’re time is up.”

A moment of silence follows and some rustling of papers before a “f–k you” gets through the microphone.

Ripouli told The Post on Thursday that nobody in the room had initially heard the swear, but she found out later when she was messaged by people who had watched the meeting online, where it was audible. 

“I could not believe it. I was flabbergasted,” she said. “To think that it took a hot mic to catch her real feelings just shows her true colors, and I think the only acceptable apology would be for her resigning,” she said. 

Ripouli said many have joined her in her call for Davidson’s resignation. 

“These people are supposed to be listening to our concerns and that’s their job as a board, especially as a president of the board,” she said.

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Robin Giusti
Robin Giusti
1 year ago

The fact of the matter is the school board cannot pedal backwards. One thing is certain whether it is animal instinct or human instinct. Id hope individuals wouldn’t be ignorant enough to walk up to a bear with her cubs knowing its very dangerous. The first thing that the bear has been known to do is attack and defend her cubs. I don’t think it is much different with human instinct either. But you’re lucky they don’t come equipped with sharp teeth and claws. Don’t mess with momma bears.