Extremists Biden Removed from Terror Watch List Launch Attacks on Saudi Oil Facilities

A group of Iranian backed extremists, which President Joe Biden recent removed from the official FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization) list, have claimed credit for a large attack on Saudi energy facilities late Friday.

“At (1725), Saudi Aramco’s Bulk Plant in Jeddah was targeted with an act of aggression, the early indications of which suggest that it was targeted by the terrorist, Iran-backed Houthi militia,” the Saudi Press Agency said in a statement. “A fire erupted in (2) tanks in the oil facility; the fire was controlled, and no injuries or loss of life were recorded. This hostile escalation targets oil facilities, and aims to undermine energy security and the backbone of global economy. These hostile attacks had no impact or repercussions in any way, shape or form on public life in Jeddah City.”

The attack came on the verge of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix this weekend, which is still scheduled to continue.

The Houthi Rebels later claimed responsibility in a video for the attacks, saying that they “did several attacks with drones and ballistic missiles” in Saudi Arabia, including an “Aramco installation in Jeddah (and) vital installations in Riyadh.”

Videos started to surface on social media of the attacks from bystanders in traffic.

The Associated Press reported:

Meanwhile, Saudi state TV also acknowledged attacks in one town targeting water tanks that damaged vehicles and homes. Another attack targeted an electrical substation in an area of southwestern Saudi Arabia near the Yemeni border, state TV said.

The North Jiddah Bulk Plant stores diesel, gasoline and jet fuel for use in Jiddah, the kingdom’s second-largest city. It accounts for over a quarter of all of Saudi Arabia’s supplies and also supplies fuel crucial to running a regional desalination plant.

The Houthis have twice targeted the North Jiddah plant with cruise missiles. One attack came in November 2020. The last came on Sunday as part of a wider barrage by the Houthis.

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