EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Border Patrol INSIDER Speaks About Leaked DHS Documents About Illegal Alien Sex Offenders per Project Veritas

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A Border Patrol INSIDER speaks out about Leaked DHS docs, showing FIVE YEAR RECORD HIGH in encounters with illegal alien sex offenders at the Southern Border. Project Veritas has been on the border doing undercover work, and here’s yet another insane story from James O’Keefe’s crew.

There’ve been 214 of these encounters in 2021 thus far alone. In all of 2020, there were only 154 in the entire year according to reports.

Our Border Patrol Insider said their “worst fear” is that the border crisis will ultimately end with children dying in the dessert.

CBP Insider: “What do I fear the most? Finding dead children. Dead children in the middle of the desert.”

Insider: “[The numbers] are extremely accurate and probably underreported because sometimes we don’t know about their criminal history.”

WATCH the Exclusive Video Below!

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