EXCLUSIVE: Verizon Insider Suggests ‘Incentives Involved’ for Upcoming Mandates

Just days after ATC employees walked out in protest of vaccine mandates, a Verizon insider reveals the telecommunications company is imposing a mandate of their own. Internal documents show that Verizon is requiring non-union employees to be vaccinated by December 8. This is in line with the Biden Administration’s recent executive order, which compels government contractors to be vaccinated by December 8.

So, who are these government contractors? You may have heard of some of them: Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing. Verizon is another. Bloomberg reported 2020 as “the fifth straight year of increase in government contractor spending.” Billions of tax dollars flow to contractors each year. It would seem that government contractors have additional incentive to comply with the Biden Administration’s directive to issue company mandates. Issue the mandate or risk federal funding. A quid pro quo of sorts.

Don’t take my word for it. Just look at the recent infrastructure bill. The $1.2 trillion bill designates “$65 billion in federal funding for broadband investment,” according to CNET. Funding that any telecommunications company would love to secure. This would seem to confirm the source’s suggestion that there are “incentives involved.”

From the looks of it, many are not happy with the company’s stance on mandates. The source said, “Most of the comments are negative” with only few praising Verizon for the decision. As more companies roll out mandates, workers are faced with the decision to comply or lose their jobs. The unfortunate reality is that these big companies are redeemed by federal funding, while middle class workers are forced out of their jobs.

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Sam Wise Gamji
Sam Wise Gamji
11 months ago

Office workers have until Dec 8th but they are giving front line customer facing employees until Feb 1st. They want them to work through the most profitable season of the year obviously. Horrible and evil. But wait there’s more! The mandate for retail also comes just before their stock to you bonus in March 2022

11 months ago

I will share this with others & start looking for a different cell company. Verizon needs to stop with their corruption with the corrupt government & put people-employees & customers freedoms first.