EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Tech CEO Joe Oltmann as He Tells How Dominion & Big Tech Stole the 2020 Elections from President Trump

Our own Matt Couch with guest co-host and attorney Eric Matheny sat down with a Tech CEO who is blowing the whistle on what Dominion and Big Tech did to the 2020 elections to keep President Trump from winning.

Joe Oltmann is the CEO of the PIN business network, his company knows data, that’s what they do.

Oltmann (now banned on Twitter) exposes pro-Antifa, cop hatred-inciting rants of #EricCoomer, VP of strategy/security of Dominion Voting Systems. “What if I told you he is a major shareholder” in Dominion & “owns patents associated with other voting systems?”

Oltmann signed an affidavit Tuesday, and he revealed earlier that Dominion Voting Systems is moving from their Denver office to an undisclosed location. It’s pretty clear that Dominion knows that they have been caught committing voter fraud in this Presidential election, and they are scrubbing Eric Coomer and other employees off the internet.

In the in-depth interview with Matt & Eric, Oltmann discusses what he’s uncovered in regards to shady practices, the people behind it, how they did it, and more. Listen in.

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1 year ago

i believe the title of the Seuss story is “The Grinch who TRIED to steal Christmas.” They TRIED to steal the election, but stay tuned.

Vlad Egor Harrowsmyth
Vlad Egor Harrowsmyth
1 year ago


A whole company of people have PERMANENTLY flushed their “Good”? Names down the toilet.

1 year ago

So where is the FBI? They should have gone into the Dominion offices and confiscate everything. Have the FBI been paid off again?