EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tommy Sotomayor Talks Hooters MAGA Hat Confrontation, Prejudice, Liberal Owned MSM & more…

Radio talk show host, political commentator, and “King of Controversy” Tommy Sotomayor recently visited a downtown Atlanta Hooters restaurant chain where he was refused service by a waitress because he donned a red Make America Great Again hat. Sotomayor pulled out his phone and began filming, uploading the video to his YouTube channel where it got hundreds of thousands of views within a few hours.

World Star Hip Hop picked up the video and posted it on their website where it went viral. The video currently has over 1.3 million views.


I had the pleasure of speaking with Sotomayor where he said he tries to tackle many topics in his videos that others may not be able to, whether that is because of their skin color, or financial situation. “Me, being a black male, I can almost touch any subject without pushback,” Sotomayor explains. “Now the ultimate people who can touch any subject without pushback would be black women. They can say anything about anybody and no one will question it.”

I asked Tommy if he has ever had any other confrontations while wearing his MAGA hat out in public, and he explained that the incident at Hooters was not the first time he’s dealt with this type of reaction. While out to dinner, eating alone at Nobu in Dallas, Texas, Sotomayor says two white males approached him taking issue with his MAGA hat. “One of them told me I needed to grow some balls and be true to myself. So, I was like – wait a minute, so, black people believe that black people can only think a certain way, and now white people believe that blacks can only think a certain way. That’s scary to be pigeon-holed like that.”

Sotomayor describes what happened that night at Hooters:

“My audience was wanting to buy me a drink or have me sit down and talk with them-things like that. I was walking towards the front to make sure I entertain everyone that’s there with me because it was a rather large party spread out through a large area so I didn’t just want to sit down and eat. One of the guys grabbed me and said ‘Hey brother, can I buy you a drink before you go on?,’ so I’m like, ‘Ah, sure,’ so he then stops the waitress and he says, ‘I’d like to buy my friend here a drink.’ She looks over at me and says, ‘What’s up with the hat?’ I said, ‘What do you mean’, and she goes, ‘You support Trump?’ – I was shocked a little bit, but I said, ‘I voted for him.’ And she then turned her back and walked off. So I thought it was a joke or a game and she was going to come back and serve me my drink that he’d stopped her and asked her to get. She never came back.”

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I asked Tommy about him explaining the situation to the Hooters manager, (which can be seen in the video) and how the manager chose to handle the employee and the situation. Tommy explained that “Nothing came of it. In fact, she continued to work. He (the manager) didn’t say that they would compliment my drink or anything like that.” He added that the Arizona Hooters location has actually contacted him, wanting to compensate him for the entire meal.

Sotomayor added that The Daily Mail ran the story on the incident at the Atlanta Hooters – which painted Sotomayor as a “bad guy” rather than someone refused service over a hat – but listed the wrong location, and the Hooters in Phoenix, Arizona has been receiving numerous phone calls due to The Daily Mail’s incorrect reporting.

When World Star Hip Hop picked up the video, it was already at around 200k views on Tommy’s channel. Several “keyboard warriors” who feel invincible due to their sudo-anonymity commented on the video on World Star’s website when they ran the clip and predictably took it to extremes.

“No one ever made any points. I even opened up the lines on my show. We’re down to the point where we just want to threaten people and call them names. That’s the liberal way, you make threats. They’re supposed to be this inclusive group, but they’re the most violent, wanting to exclude, not wanting to have a discussion. Remember, the liberals are supposed to be the intelligent guys. Conservatives are supposed to be the neanderthals. But, they’re the ones if you don’t agree with them, they want to bash you over the head. They want to hit you with something,” Sotomayor said.

“The people kept saying that I need a bullet in my MAGA hat!”

Sotomayor continued, “This one guy said that me, and people who think like me, need to be killed. He’s some kind of comedian. He put this on Facebook and I had all my people go and flag it. Facebook sent back every one of them and said that they see nothing wrong.”

We discussed the mainstream media’s portrayal of the incident between the Covington Catholic School boys and Nathan Phillips with how skewed liberal media can be when covering stories. “Imagine if this had happened when Obama was president. What if they’d kicked someone out because they had an Obama hat on or because they had an Obama sticker on their car? Imagine the outcry and imagine how many people would have wanted to bring me on MSNBC or “The Talk” and all that- think about it – none of the major liberal outlets have ever tried to have me on to talk about the incident,” Sotomayor said.

Sotomayor said that his audience had pressed him to cover the Covington story when it first broke, but he wanted to wait it out and see “what else comes from it- and then the more we looked into it we realized that those kids were being accosted by that old man who was lying about his credentials.”

I asked Sotomayor why he voted for Trump in 2016 and whether or not he would be voting for him again in the 2020 election. He said, “Because it seems like he was stronger on the idea of men. He was stronger on the idea of bringing jobs to America. He was stronger on the idea of the small and middle class trying to create this again because there was a vacuum there. He was strong on the idea of border security. And I just wanted to shake up the whole political process, because when I watched what people like the Huffington Post did to him – by not even including him in the politics section, not even taking him seriously. I’ve always been offended by people who don’t take things seriously. Because we have found out throughout history, usually that thing that you don’t take seriously, ends up taking you down.” Sotomayor said he will definitely be voting for Trump in 2020.

I asked Tommy what he felt the difference was in America between white male Trump supporters and black male Trump supporters. His response: “My perception of it is as a black male supporter of Donald Trump, it’s almost like it’s empowering and frightening at the same time. And as a white male supporter of Donald Trump, I think it’s the same but it just comes out differently. I think a lot of white men who support Donald Trump feel empowered because they see all of the liberal snowflakes. I think a lot of times people are doing it sometimes because they’re like, ‘Wait a minute-this makes you THAT mad?’. I know there are many people who don’t understand how supporting the current president can cause this much angst and dissension. Then the liberals will blame Donald Trump for it when they’re the ones pushing the dissension.”

“When it comes to the black males, I think a lot of us are saying, ‘We didn’t really fit in anywhere anyway.”

Sotomayor continues, “This is how I’m pushing it. We didn’t fit in with the Democrats, they don’t care about black people. You can go all the way back to Malcom X when he stated that. The liberals know your vote is going to be there. When someone knows that vote is going to be there, they’re not going to work for it. So therefore, you have to put people in positions to work for your vote. So, I want to convince black people to not be a slave to anyone. White people aren’t. You have white liberals, you have white conservatives. You have white Republicans, you have white Democrats. You have white Independents. So, blacks should have that same flexibility and not allow anyone to hold them back. That’s the difference between a white Trump supporter and black Trump supporter. A white person who supports Trump – a white male – is automatically considered racist. A black male who supports Trump is automatically considered lost. See, the white male could actually be a liberal or conservative, but a black person can only be a liberal.”

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I asked Sotomayor why – in general -it’s automatically assumed that all black people are or should be considered liberal. Sotomayor responds, “Well, we’ve been told from the time we are a child that boys like blue, and girls like pink. We don’t ask them, we just tell them that’s the color you’re supposed to like. A lot of what blacks have been told is that being black, you have to act a certain way and you have to speak a certain way. If you’re brought up being told that, then it’s normal to you. So, the majority of blacks who speak English well, they’re told ‘You’re talking white’. The majority of blacks who do anything that’s considered to be not in a “normal way” – even white people view blacks as they’re supposed to listen to rap and R&B and if you listen to country, – cause I went to a white high school and when I would know Garth Brooks, boy, people would look at me like something is wrong with me. So, blacks have been told they can’t be diverse and I’m trying my best to change that. I know I’m only one man, but if you’ve got a platform, use it. So, that’s what I’m trying to do, fight against both sides telling black people that you can only be one way. “

I asked Tommy why he thought liberals and conservatives aren’t able to discuss their values and opinions, and instead seem to stay in their own echo chambers, patting each other on the back, rather than having intelligent, rational debates to better understand each other’s views. “We’ve been told we don’t need to talk to the opposition. We’ve been told in the snowflake era that everyone wants to be around people that agree with them. That’s it. Discourse is gone now. It’s been replaced by arguing. People don’t even know the art of debate anymore.”

To see more from Tommy Sotomayor, visit his website here and join in on the discussion by subscribing to his YouTube channel where he does several live call-in shows a week here. Follow Tommy on Twitter here.

You can preorder tickets to catch Tommy Sotomayor live on his Anti-PC Tour here.

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