EXCLUSIVE: FBI/FAA Deny AFMG FOIA’s on Las Vegas Shooting Again!

As many of you know our team has been working nonstop on multiple investigations and crimes committed against the American Republic.

What you’re about to see is what we’ve been blowing the whistle on with our friend Laura Loomer in Las Vegas for quite sometime. We’ve interviewed and spoken to hundreds of Las Vegas Shooting survivors. Hardly any of them believe the narrative of what’s being told happened in Las Vegas.

Today I received back a response from the FAA/FBI in regards to multiple FOIA requests I’ve made on behalf of my team at America First Media & The DC Patriot. Not shocking, even though the FBI and Las Vegas Sheriff’s Office claim the investigation is closed, they still won’t reveal information of that night.

Here is the response I received today on this dreadful event. Our team along with our friend and partner in this Laura Loomer continues to seek and pursue justice.

So get this America, not only did they not honor the request, they closed it without talking to us. Furthermore, the FBI now says that they can’t release this information for a minimum of one year.. One year, and that’s the earliest.

If you honestly think nothing is being hidden in Las Vegas, you’re either under a rock, or in complete denial at this point. Our team will not give up, and we’re looking forward to getting back on the ground soon with Laura Loomer in Las Vegas.


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Method Manson
Method Manson
2 years ago

The air of feta cheese coming off @LauraLoomer overpowered @Cernovich as the porcine Jewess made unintelligible squawks: #SheWasReady

@JackPosobiec and Roger Stone look on and listlessly jerk each other as the training harness is lowered, sad that tonight is not their night.

Greg Burton
Greg Burton
2 years ago

Just like Sheriff Lombardo, LVPD, you need to ‘git your mind right’. There was no second shooter, no crisis actors, etc… https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10212058632615768&set=a.2581078740917&type=3&theater

Billy DuBose
Billy DuBose
2 years ago

Why? The system is deliberately withholding info from Americans because politics dictates it…..can’t have politically incorrect things being told even if it is true!

Eric Gurr (@EricGurr)

That has got to be the strangest even in the last fifty years. Hundreds shot, dozens killed, and we don’t know anything at all about the guy who did it.