EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL: Whistleblower Attorneys Started Firm to Work with Whistleblowers in 2017 ‘Rule of Law Starts with the President’

A bombshell report from one of our good friends and influencers Jason Bailey Saturday morning.

The Whistleblowers lawyer Mark Zaid founded a firm to work with Whistleblowers in 2017. Yes, that’s right, this has been planned and the coup is in.

In fact, the Washington Post even put out this glorious article in 2017 praising Zaid and his partner Tye for starting the firm.

“Then you get into government and you see something wrong,” he said. “You’ve sworn to stop it, but there aren’t a lot of tools at your disposal, especially if it’s your supervisor who’s breaking the law. People are scared. They’re worried about their jobs. If it involves classified information, they can be criminally prosecuted.” -John N. Tye, Co Founder and Zaid Partner in Whistleblower firm.

According to the Washington Post article:

"Tye, a former State Department whistleblower, and lawyer Mark S. Zaid have formed Whistleblower Aid, a nonprofit law office to help would-be tipsters in government and the military navigate the bureaucratic and legal morass involved in reporting governmental misdeeds."

The twists and turns of this story just keep on keeping on. The Washington Post then adds this gem.

It is not entirely coincidental that Whistleblower Aid is being launched during the presidency of Donald Trump, whose 2016 campaign is under investigation for contacts with Russians.

Really, it’s not coincidental eh? The fact that you started a firm on the premise of the Russia investigation, and you now represent a Whistleblower that was a CIA plant in the White House, isn’t coincidental at all. It’s deliberate you twits. You’re literally in the middle of a coup attempt to take down the 45th President of the United States.

“We want to advise people what to do, whether it’s going to Congress, or an inspector general or Robert Mueller,” Tye said when asked about the timing, referring to the general counsel handling the investigation.

They’re literally admitting that this entire firm was put together in an attempt to go after the Trump Presidency, and it’s right in front of everyone’s eyes.

“This is not a partisan effort,” he added. “At the same time, yes, the rule of law starts with the office of the president. Like many other people, we are definitely concerned about things that are happening in the administration. The decision to fire [FBI Director] James Comey. The lack of transparency. A lot of people have questions about whether this administration respects the rule of law.”

This America, is the smoking gun on the Whistleblowers, and the fix to try to remove President Donald J Trump from office.

“We’re not WikiLeaks,” Tye said.

“We provide legal advice and information to people who have sensitive information and want to explore their lawful options. We’re not advising anyone how to leak anything.”

When a Whistleblower Firm is started in 2017, and the founders start off with nothing but Anti-Trump rhetoric, and state “The rule of law starts with the President,” Houston, we have a problem.

Yet the mainstream media continues to give these folks a free pass. They continue to not report the truth, and why?

We are the media now, and thanks to Jason Bailey who works with our team we’re uncovering more and more in this ridiculous attempt to take down a sitting President by the left. We will continue to call out the leakers and the liars, and we won’t back down in our quest from the truth in American politics.

We have but one goal, to protect the Republic from both enemies foreign and domestic.

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