EXCLUSIVE: Big Tech Intentionally Censoring With Fact Checkers to Manipulate Election for Joe Biden PROOF INSIDE (VIDEO)

By now with everything you’ve seen in the last two weeks with Google, Twitter, and Facebook, especially when it comes to the New York Post being censored for their releasing of information off Hunter Biden’s laptop, nothing should surprise you.

This comes off of a friend of mine’s Facebook post, and I haven’t named it for that reason, but his proof is irrefutable. Big Tech is using fact checkers to LIE and manipulate the 2020 elections in order to try to sway an election in favor of Joe Biden. Those are the facts. You don’t have to like them, but they are the facts.

I wanted to use a post to show you what big tech manipulation looks like.

Many of us watched this exchange and know what happened. But a liberal reporter trying to sway voters on Facebook flagged this post as “Fact checked by another source”. Okay? What was that even mean, in terms of the accuracy of its content? Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

If you click on the fact checker, thing that pops up is a fund raiser. Once you click out of that, you will see that its given a half truth. Whats half true about it? Nothing. Nothing, that is, unless they are considering the fact that the meme fails to mention that Biden also told the concerned man that he was “Full of Shit!”, threatened to fight him outside, and also called him a horses ass!

The results of the fact check confirms what was said… the meme is accurate, Facebook fact checkers are literally the new Brown Shirts of our era. See if you believe its missing context.

Here’s the link, watch it yourself. Many have seen it, but if you haven’t, please ask yourself why?

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2 years ago

They suspended me b/c I got tired of them Fact Checking me. I finally told them
“Hey FuckChecker tell me this isn’t true!!! LOL! They won’t tell me how long I’m suspended for…