EXCLUSIVE: Arizona Audit Update with We The People AZ PAC President Eric Wnuck, Leading the Charge in Maricopa County

Our own Matt Couch sat down with We the People Alliance Arizona PAC President Eric Wnuck, who’s leading the charge on the ground in Arizona with the Maricopa County audits.

In the Exclusive Interview, Wnuck says that by the Fourth of July, there’s going to be revolutionary evidence in the Arizona audits that President Donald J. Trump won the state of Arizona.

Wnuck held nothing back in this interview with Couch.

“As conservatives we need to be six or seven times louder than the liberals, because we don’t have the outlets that they do to get our message out.”

Wnuck continued..

“Pay attention to when the Senate released their findings, and then you push that everywhere, and you put as much pressure on those in power in your state to make sure what happened in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, Michigan, doesn’t happen in your state.”

Listen to the full interview below, it’s ground breaking on what’s coming to a conclusion in Arizona.

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