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Ex-Pro Fisherman Slaps Bernie Sanders with Lawsuit for Linking Him to ‘Criminal Activities’

Well Well Well, isn’t this interesting?

According to The Herald in Rock Hill, South Carolina, an image of local resident Quinn was used in a Bernie Sanders video that made it appear as if he were involved in “criminal activities.”

Sanders, and his campaign, used images of Quinn and the boat in a campaign video called, “5 Reasons the Border Wall Won’t stop Drugs,” the lawsuit states.

The video explains that drug smugglers travel by sea, then shows images of Quinn in the boat, according to the lawsuit.

Quinn stated in the lawsuit that Sanders and the campaign invaded his privacy, defamed him, and Sanders and his campaign were grossly negligent and reckless in using the video. The video has had millions of hits on Facebook, You Tube and other sites, the lawsuit states.

Sanders is a Senator from Vermont who is running for president. He came in second in Saturday’s South Carolina Democratic presidential primary, and is the leader so far in pledged delegates after wins in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. according to the Associated Press.

The lawsuit was filed Saturday in York County civil court.

“Defendants did not obtain consent or seek to receive Quinn’s permission to use his likeness or identity,” the lawsuit states. “Plaintiff brings this action in order to vindicate an egregious, intentional false association created by the video whereby defendants suggested plaintiff is in any way associated in criminal activities, and specifically, that he is in any way associated with the trafficking of illegal drugs.”

Quinn has associated himself with conservative causes and Republican candidates, according to the lawsuit. The civil suit seeks to “vindicate the intentional false association created by defendants suggesting Quinn supports defendant Sanders, an association that directly conflicts with Quinn’s political and social values,” the lawsuit states.

You can read more from our friends over at The Herald.

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