“Even Musk doesn’t believe in Twitter”: GETTR CEO Jason Miller Speaks on Musk’s Twitter Takeover

October 28, 2022
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Twitter is a dying platform riddled with bots and a bad bottom line and new owner Elon Musk knows it, GETTR Chief Executive Officer Jason Miller said Friday in an exclusive livestream after Musk succeeded in purchasing the ailing platform.After spending months trying to get out of the deal and publicly roasting the “dying” platform for its suppression of free speech and manipulation of its users’ feeds, Musk capitulated and agreed to pay a whopping $44 billion for Twitter – a figure which has been lampooned by top tech pundits as a potentially colossal screw up.

Speaking on Friday’s edition of “Miller Live,” Miller said the sun was already setting on Twitter and that new platforms like GETTR, Rumble and Twitch were stepping in to replace it.

[Watch Miller’s full livestream here]
“Big Tech is changing. Social media habits are changing. And there’s a reason all these companies missed their earnings this week. If today’s news wasn’t dominated by Musk buying Twitter, we’d be talking about how terrible Twitter performed last quarter,” he said.

“There’s no saving Twitter. It’s a dying platform. And even Elon Musk doesn’t truly believe in Twitter… If he could get out of overpaying for Twitter and skip that looming deposition, he would do it in a heartbeat,” he added.

“Twitter’s numbers aren’t real. They know it, we know it, and most importantly, Elon Musk knows it. That’s why he questioned them over and over again.”

“Unless Elon Musk fires every coder, every engineer and every moderator in the entire company and starts all over, political discrimination is going to persist at Twitter. It’s too fundamentally rooted in their culture.”

Founded on July 4, 2021, GETTR remains the fastest growing social media platform in history with more than 6.5 million users globally, and is committed to defending freedom of expression wherever it is under threat around the world.

A new Rolling Stone report published Tuesday found GETTR was the only alternative social media platform to grow its number of unique year-on-year users in the past 12 months, besting competitors like Rumble, Parler and Truth Social.
After hitting 260 million livestream views in just 12 months, GETTR will next month announce major upgrades to its livestream technology, including the ability to let content creators monetize for their work with best-in-industry rates.
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