ENEMY OF FREEDOM Hillary Clinton Attacks Peaceful Protesters As Domestic Terrorists

For those who may be inclined to believe that Hillary Clinton is a vicious psychopath, she just delivered another reason to confirm those suspicions.

On Friday, Mrs. Clinton threw her support behind Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her totalitarianism during the ongoing statewide coronavirus lockdown which has deprived citizens of their right to make a living to feed their families, including children. 

In a tweet that will invoke comparisons to her infamous “basket of deplorables” smear of millions of Trump supporters, the embittered sore loser attacked those exercising their right to peacefully protest as domestic terrorists. 

With lockdowns being eased across the country, a number of populous states under Democrat control have instead extended their house arrests, suffocating the economic prospects of their victims and destroying small businesses in great numbers. 

Governor Whitmer has been particularly cruel in her war on dissent and her obvious enjoyment of abusing her power has rankled Michigan residents who have turned out in large numbers to protest. 

Whitmer is claiming that the protesters are inciting violence, a blatant lie that the corrupt media is allowing her to get away with. 

But to a monster like Hillary who has spent every day since she lost the 2016 election sowing the seeds of divisiveness and fomenting hatred, the protesters are a target of opportunity.

Via The Hill, “Hillary Clinton calls armed Michigan lockdown protests ‘domestic terrorism'”:

Hillary Clinton is condemning armed protests calling for the end to stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus pandemic, calling the demonstrations “domestic terrorism.”

“Armed men storming a legislature to disrupt its democratic proceedings is domestic terrorism. It cannot be tolerated,” Clinton tweeted Friday.

Her tweet linked to an article by Newsweek about Michigan choosing to close down its Capitol and cancel its legislative session after armed protests and death threats to Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

On Thursday, armed protesters had gathered outside the state Capitol for planned “judgment day” demonstrations against the state’s stay-at-home order, which opponents have demanded be lifted businesses and the economy suffer during the pandemic.

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Heather Kegler
Heather Kegler
2 years ago

The single most immortal fact HRC conveniently twisted is there was no legislative proceedings; as the Michigan legislature themselves have formally complained to the judiciary regarding, Whitmer has consolidated all power to herself with her unconstitutional Emergency Order continuance.