EMPTY SHELVES JOE: Former Walmart CEO HAMMERS Joe Biden for Supply Chain Crisis

Former Walmart CEO Bill Simon blasted President Joe Biden and his horrific response to the supply chain crisis in America over the weekend.

Dozens of cargo ships as you know by now, and the number could be in the hundreds are stranded outside of multiple ports in liberal California. Biden suggested that the White House partnership with these private companies could address shipping and processing bottlenecks.

However social media users have been posting images from all over America of empty store shelves with captions such as “Bare Shelve Biden” and “Empty Shelves Joe.”

Simon who was the CEO of Walmart from 2010-2014 agree that the situation was a disastrous mess “from start to finish.”

“I’ve never seen it like this, and I don’t really think anybody living in this country has,” the executive told Fox Business anchor Dagen McDowell. “I mean, this is really unprecedented.”

Simon remarked on “Mornings with Maria” that “there’s a shortage of labor in our distribution system and there’s a shortage of people to put [items] on the shelf.” He added that the crisis will not be relieved “until we alleviate the labor shortage that’s out there and get people driving trucks and unloading at the docks and stocking shelves.”

For months and months industry leaders have been trying to urge President Biden and his worthless Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to help American supply chains return to normalcy.

Here’s a June letter from Matthew Shay, President and CEO of the National Retail Federation, who noted that the supply chain crisis was then affecting over 97% of American retailers.

Our nation’s supply chains are stressed because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and they continue to struggle through our economic recovery. We would like an opportunity to discuss the impact these issues are having on the nation’s retailers, our workers and our customers, as well as potential solutions to address current and future disruptions.

We continue to work with key executives at the ports and with our transportation providers. We need strong leadership from the administration to galvanize attention to the current situation as well as work to resolve long-standing issues that limit safe and efficient port operations. As the administration undergoes supply chain reviews for critical sectors, including transportation, addressing the current state of our nation’s ports and freight movement needs to be a critical component of the strategy. As trade continues to grow, we need to make sure we have truly 21st century ports and freight movement. This certainly is central to the administration’s Build Back Better approach.

As you may know by now, Mayor Pete has been on paternity leave for months. No, we’re not kidding. Yes, they’re both dudes.

A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation confirmed to the outlet that Buttigieg was “mostly offline” for the “first four weeks” after adopting twins.

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Peggy Edwards
Peggy Edwards
1 year ago

My opinion is just the same as all of the rest of us Patriots; we are getting screwed out of our votes from the Novemeber 2020 election and SOMEONE in power needs to stand up and have these criminals arrested! Why doesnt that happen? Why are people in power allowing this farce to continue??