Empire Ratings TANK, Lowest EVER!

The life of Jussie Smollett isn’t getting any easier for the embattled hoaxer. Now his show has hit the worst ratings in the show’s history this past Wednesday night.

Wednesdays episode of his show ‘Empire’ received the lowest ratings in the show’s history, according to TV Line.

With about 3.97 million viewers, ‘Empire’ took a substantial hit, dropping to the lowest number of viewers in the history of the series, according to widely-reported TV ratings.

President Trump, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago police department, and tens of millions of Americans aren’t buying what Smollett is shoveling.

Even actor Chris Rock got into the act on Saturday night in Hollywood at the NAACP Image Awards, blasting Smollett even though the producers asked him not to.

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