EMBARRASSED: Media Claimed President Trump Was Golfing, He Shows Up in Afghanistan to Visit Troops

The Mainstream media was caught yet again lying and smearing the President of the United States.

Multiple media outlets took to social media claiming that President Trump was at Mar-A-Lago golfing, when in fact he wasn’t. Here’s a few of the clowns that took shots at the President.

Mr. CBS White House Correspondent looks like a bumbling idiot doesn’t he?

Now let’s do fake news CNN.

Meanwhile while the mainstream media was spreading lies about the President, he was actually on an unmarked plane heading to Afghanistan to visit our men and women in uniform at Bagram Air Force Base.

There is no longer any reason why the American people with functioning brains should trust the media. They have proven time and time again that their hatred for President Trump blinds them from reporting the truth.

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