Elon Musk Shares Illustration of How Radical the Left Has Become in One Viral Tweet

Elon Musk isn’t pulling any punches. He’s tired of the radical left, and he’s tired of the radical right. We honestly couldn’t agree more with him. Enough is enough from both sides of the Space Cadet academy.

In this epic chart, graph, or whatever you want to call it. Musk has shown how far the left has gone to try to alienate him from the party he once thought he was a part of.

The first picture shows him standing just a little left of center.

The second picture shows him standing almost in the middle.

The third picture shows him now standing definitely to the right, and the person on the far left calling him a bigot. It’s literally the perfect illustration of how radical and unhinged the left has become. But let’s not forget we have looney tunes on the right who think that Trump is still President and the military is in control. Both sides have that small percentage of mentally deranged lunatics.

Check out Elon’s tweet below.

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Patrick Kelley
Patrick Kelley
8 months ago

The bigot on the left is also Muslim and you’re an Islamophobe.