Elon Musk Sends Letter to Twitter TERMINATING Agreement Bid Stating Company Has Violated and Breached Agreement (LETTER INSIDE)

The world’s richest man has had enough of the games and lack of transparency with Twitter and has sent the company a letter terminating the agreement bid.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO previously stated he was threatening to walk away from the $44 billion deal to buy Twitter after raising concerns of the massive number of fake accounts on the platform.

Musk has stopped his funding discussions that would see him pay $54.20 per share to acquire Twitter.

Elon has also now confirmed with a form to the SEC to cancel the deal.

Then we have what might be the dumbest tweet in history. From this self proclaimed Democrat strategist who made this genius remark.

If Elon Musk can afford to pay $1 BILLION to NOT buy Twitter, he can afford to pay his fair share of taxes.

The genius known as Jack Cocchiarella made this moronic statement. Musk paid $12 billion in taxes in April. Think about saying something this asinine. Musk also employees hundreds of thousands around the world and in the U.S.

The liberals are losing their minds, they have no idea how bad this is going to hurt Twitter in the long run as conservatives flock to new alternative sites like GETTR, Gab, Truth Social, CloutHub, among others.

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