Elizabeth Warren Says She Would Have ‘ZERO’ Sympathy for College Tuition Scam (VIDEO)

This is rich, and hilarious at the same time. Senator Warren dubbed Pocahontas by President Trump for her false claims that she’s Native American.

Warren of course was proven to not be of Native American decent by a self prescribed DNA test last fall, and then of course she apologized to the Cherokee Nation tribe in Oklahoma.

The group at Cherokee Nation hammered Warren for making a mockery out of those that are truly Native American.

Now Warren on Morning Joe Wednesday morning says that she would have “zero” tolerance for the elites involved in the college tuition scam.

Zero eh, Liz? I mean after you’ve literally told stories and falsified your decent for years. You really would comment with “zero” huh?

This is just another line in the sand of double standards that the Democrats continue to get by with. Where is the media outrage? It’s nowhere to be found because they are one of the arms of the Democratic party.

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