Dr Richard Fisher Explains How China Attacking Taiwan Could Be Catastrophic For America

China is on the brink of attacking Taiwan. It could literally happen any day now. While many Americans are not paying too much attention to this story, Dr Richard Fisher joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to explain the far-reaching ramifications we can expect to experience once this goes down. We could be facing World War III, supply chains completely shut down and the rise of the CCP as the new world superpower.

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Since the Biden Administration has taken over this year, the entire world has fallen into chaos. While Donald Trump had kept the world superpowers in check with his unpredictableness and America First agenda, Biden is allowing everyone to walk all over him. The results are going to be catastrophic. 
The latest example of this is China’s push to attack and overtake Taiwan. According to Dr Richard Fisher, who joined me today on The Jeff Dornik Show, it’s only a matter of time before this happens. And if it does, it will have a direct impact on the American people on multiple fronts.

First of all, it will drag America into a war with China. Dr Fisher explains that while Joe Biden and his administration has been cozying up with China, both sides of the aisle in Congress are very pro-Taiwan. This would compel us to defend Taiwan against the CCP if it came down to it.

More than likely, if we get dragged into a war against China, we’ll see the world choose sides. This will potentially put is into World War III, with Europe and America defending Taiwan and Russia taking the side of China.

On the economic front, this could be a huge disruption in the already shaky supply chain. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are seeing a massive backup of shipping imports at our ports, which is leading to store shelves being empty en masse. Obviously, if China were to conquer Taiwan, any business relying on imports from that nation would be disrupted.

However, there’s a more serious repercussion of this coming war that most people are not talking about. If China moves to conquer Taiwan, Dr Fisher explains that America and Europe would be forced to shutdown all economic trade to and from China. With how much our economy relies on that Communist nation, this could be catastrophic to our economy.

This shows the danger of relying upon the CCP for everything from manufacturing, technology and even the majority of our pharmaceutical drugs. If we cut all ties with China in response to their move to conquer Taiwan, it could destroy millions of lives in this nation.

This is why it’s so important for us to become an America First Nation. This means that we stop relying on foreign countries, especially our enemies, for our products. Start buying products made in the USA. If we continue down this path of relying on China for everything, we are doomed as a nation.

How I miss the days of Donald Trump as President. During his administration, I knew that he would do whatever it took to protect the interests of this great nation. Unfortunately today, I do not have that confidence in the Alleged President Joe Biden.


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