Dr. Mark Sherwood for Oklahoma Governor

Dr. Mark Sherwood

2022 Oklahoma Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Mark Sherwood has been running a strong campaign against current Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. Dr. Sherwood sees all too clearly the aggressive communist agenda that is sweeping the nation and making its way to Oklahoma. Dr. Sherwood is not naive enough to believe that Oklahoma will be exempt from the marxists strategy to destroy families, silence the church, and push for a totalitarian regime. Dr. Sherwood is rising to the task to fill in the void of strong leadership in the Sooner State. The Chief Magistrate of Oklahoma must be willing to face controversial issues head on. Unfortunately Stitt has not demonstrated a willingness to be the leader that Oklahomans need in this troubling time. 

Dr. Sherwood is committed to leading Oklahoma well… He is not about politics. Dr. Sherwood believes in Oklahoma first values and he will fight against the Biden regime to create an Oklahoma first environment. Dr. Sherwood has committed to create a climate of liberty and growth and a secure and self-sustaining state that is not cripplingly dependent on the tyrannical federal government. The problem with Governor Stitt is that he is all talk, no action, just like every other career politician. Dr. Sherwood is an Oklahoma citizen who is tired of the nonsense that he sees, not only in his state, but in the whole country.

Sherwood has been gaining support of many people and has received endorsements from many prominent people. Dr. Sherwood has been endorsed by David and Stacy Whited from the Flyover Conservatives, Mel K, Pastor Dave Scarlett, Ann Vandersteel, Doug Billings, Prophet Amanda Grace, “Patriot Streetfighter” Scott McKay, Alex Stone from “A StoneWall’s Perspective Podcast”, State Senator Jake Merrick, State Senator Warren Hamilton, Clay Clark, and Nick Vujicic. Dr. Sherwood has also recently released his Sherwood2022 app, which can be found on all app platforms. Dr. Mark Sherwood promises to the Oklahoma citizens that he will not be silent, nor will he do nothing. He is ready to LEAD Oklahoma. Dr. Sherwood also has many events coming up that he will be a part of, such as General Flynn’s ReAwaken America Tour and Make Oklahoma Free Again Rallies, which feature Senate Candidate Jackson Lahmeyer, Clay Clark, and more. You can find more about Dr. Sherwood’s campaign promises and events at sherwood2022.com.

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