Dr. Fauci Attacks Tucker Carlson Fans as “Crazies” After Tucker Criticizes His Absurd Comments & Policies

Most conservatives aren’t fans of Dr. Fauci, in fact you will find most people at a local breakfast diner having coffee, or dinner in the evenings discussing his failed thoughts and policies regarding the coronavirus.

Tucker Carlson highlighted that this past week, and how did Fauci respond? He responded by calling anyone who watches the most watched Cable News show in America as “Crazies.”

That’s right, the guy who’s running the show in regards to the SCAMdemic is literally calling anyone who agrees with Tucker crazy. You can’t even make up this level of insanity anymore.

On Saturday morning, Fauci took to the airwaves to attack Carlson and his fans.

Watch the video from Todd Starnes below on Fauci attacking Tucker’s fans.

How do you think Fauci has done so far? Do you agree with Tucker, or Dr. Fauci?

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