Dov Friedman, Seth Rich’s roommate his ties to the Clinton Machine and DNC


For many months our team has been looking into the mysterious roommate of Seth Rich known as Dov Friedman. How did he become Seth Rich’s roommate, the timing, his past, etc. Dov Friedman is not your ordinary roommate you find on craigslist. We’ll prove that here as we get going.

Dov Friedman was a Turkish Lobbyist for Middle East Petroleum LTD, a shell company. During Dov’s time with Middle East Petroleum LTD, he claims to have only made $10,000. At least that’s all that he ever reported. Dov carries degrees from Columbia and Yale, so he’s no dunce educationally.

Dov Friedman became Seth Rich’s roommate at the end of April in 2016. On May 3, 2016 Dov per Wikileaks documents would terminate Middle East Petroleum Ltd. Convenient, isn’t it?

Dov Friedman three days after Seth Rich’s murder would post on his personal Facebook Page that he didn’t know that Seth Rich worked for the DNC. Meanwhile he was involved with the Democratic Party of Virginia, and a huge Hillary Clinton supporter as seen here. Dov is picture far right wearing his “I’m with Her” shirt for Hillary Clinton. Dov would even go to work for Hillary Clinton three weeks after the murder of Seth Rich


How did Dov Friedman become Seth Rich’s roommate, just as all of the leaks were happening within the DNC? As CrowdStrike was investigating the DNC Servers, and the FBI was told they couldn’t look at the DNC servers, Dov Friedman came into the picture of Seth Rich’s life? Does anyone really believe that this is a coincidence? We don’t, not for one second.


Dov Friedman in his personal Facebook posts shows his longtime allegiance for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yet he didn’t know that Seth Rich worked for the DNC, or had a job offer from the Clinton campaign? Here’s where it starts go get interesting in regards to Dov Friedman.

Now how in the World did Dov Friedman live on $10,000 over the course of a year as a Lobbyist for Turkish Middle East Petroleum, LTD. They also had ties back to England. This interesting piece isn’t nearly as interesting as the fact that Dov Friedman now works for massive Clinton and Obama supported SAFE (Securing America’s Future Energy).


SAFE, was heavily backed by the Obama Administration as former President Barack Obama promised Billions to SAFE’s CEO Robbie Diamond lead that charge in Washington, D.C. Obama promised Billions of Dollars to push the Electric Car parade that SAFE was pushing at the time. If Obama succeeded then SAFE stood to make a fortune on the Electric car front.

SAFE also donated heavily to the DNC as seen here.

I’m sure it’s just coincidence that Dov Friedman now works for a massive DNC donor, and backer of Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama. It’s also just coincidence that Josh Nerpel was the COO and Securing America’s Future Energy and the Electrification Coalition, where he served as Director of Operations. Political campaign experience includes national advance and overseeing visual communications for Hillary Clinton as a Presidential candidate, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama in Presidential and candidate capacities, Joe Biden in Vice-Presidential and candidate capacities, and Joe Lieberman in Senatorial and candidate capacities.

But once again, I’m sure these coincidences with Dov Friedman and his connections to the Clinton’s are just that right, coincidences. We’ll continue to keep you updated on our Investigation into Seth Rich’s roommate Dov Friedman.

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Cynthia Little
Cynthia Little
5 years ago

Awesome work & Great article!! There always has been something suspect about Dov!!!!

Paul Alexander
Paul Alexander
4 years ago

Keep up the great work, I’m confident you guy’s are going to solve this Seth Rich mystery!