DOUBLE STANDARD! New Nicki Minaj Video has ‘White Face’ (VIDEO)

The double standards of the left and liberals know no bounds. Singer Nicki Minaj announced today that her new video would be released at midnight tonight.

A sneak peak which you can see in this article, shows the cast using “white face” to make themselves look white.

It’s amazing when ever this is reversed, and a white person uses “black face” they are called a racist.

The double standards in liberal America have to stop. I’m personally not offended by this, as I could honestly care less. The purpose of this article is to point out the double standard in the fake racism outrage that continues to thrive in America, and especially in American politics.

Are you offended? You may or may not be, but do you feel there is a massive double standard in America? We’d love to hear your thoughts below, or on our Twitter feed below as well.

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Jared MCCubbin
Jared MCCubbin
1 month ago

Rumour has it Nicki Minaj used to be black…