DOPE! Joe Biden is the Only World Leader Out of 17 on Zoom Call With a Mask On…

Joe Biden is an embarrassment to America and the world, and he continues to show it every single day. When you read the CDC Guidelines for masking up, he’s doing nothing more than virtue signaling by his latest idiotic actions.

At no point does the CDC say you should mask up while alone on a conference call. However that’s exactly what Joe Biden did with 16 other world leaders during a video conference, even after both of his vaccine jabs.

If you’re curious why Democrats and liberals are so confused and uninformed about the Coronavirus, well you don’t have to wonder anymore.

If Biden is their intellectual superior and leader, we now have a simple answer as to why these dolts are wearing masks outside, and everyone from Randy Quaid to Bill Maher think they are idiots.

Shall we Zoom in, no pun intended to take a look at Americas fearless, or feckless leader. Take your pick, I’ll go with the latter.

Even France and Canada’s skinny jean wearing leaders weren’t wearing masks, for God’s sake Joe, STOP IT!

The Biden Administration is now trying to blame Tucker Carlson and his Facebook account for why people have vaccine hesitancy. You can’t even make up this level of stupid anymore. Perhaps its the fact that states with no masks like Florida and Texas have seen numbers decrease, or stay the same as the idiots in states wearing masks outside in a parking lot.

I want to go on record and say if you are wearing a mask outside at anytime, you are an utter moron. Please quote me on that.

If you truly want to get Americans back to being Americans, get rid of the masks. Stop letting Anthony Fauci appear on television unless its in a Keebler Elf commercial. Those are two great ways to start getting America back to normal!

I can’t wait for the Olympics, Biden or whoever he sends for America to represent the United States won’t be an embarrassment at all. Yes, that was sarcasm.

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