Donna Brazile – Question of the week: Is she the worst person in the world, or just the worst person in America?

When it comes to being an all-around terrible human being with so few redeeming qualities, it’s hard name even one of them, Donna Brazile is in rare company.  I don’t mean she’s in rare company in the sense that there are few people on the left as repugnant as she is.  I think we all know there are plenty of repugnant leftists out there.  In the Repugnant Lefty Super Bowl of 2018, I think you’d probably have Maxine Waters heading up the National Repugnance League West, and Donna Brazile lined up on the East side of the ball.  Both teams would be absolutely chock-full of the kinds of reprehensible, valueless, repugnant politicians and commentators their leaders have come to embody, and the benches would be full.  No shortage of repugnance on the Left.  That’s what  I’m saying here.  But I digress.

What sets Donna Brazile apart this week is her ability to juggle not only her own bald hypocrisy and fabrications, but her identity politics and character assassinations as well.  She’s like one of those circus acts that manages to juggle flaming chainsaws while eating an apple and smiling calmly like nothing’s going on, all the while, the menacing buzz of the hypocrisy chainsaw criss-crosses with the identity politics chainsaw right in front of her face.  That’s right, readers, I’m about to talk about Donna Brazile’s comments on Kanye West.  Let’s set the stage.

A self-made multi-millionaire black American and entertainer met with the President of the United States in the Oval Office this week.  There, he expressed his love and support for the president, and also said some stuff that was, if we’re honest, fruit-bat crazy.  But his love for the president and his refusal to be bowed and cowed by Democrat politics and racial identity stereotypes is what set the Repugnance Bowl National League East Champion on her ear.  She said without a hint of self awareness or irony that Kanye West had just set black people back 155 years.  Which I think she meant as a reference to the last time Democrats owned most black people.  But maybe not.  Maybe this is one of those chapters in history that we don’t know about because someone dragged all the statues commemorating it out of all the town squares and purged it from all the school textbooks.  Maybe Donna Brazile is referring to that time in 1863 when self-made black American multi-millionaires met with Abraham Lincoln in the Oval Office to talk about prison reform.  Maybe she’s referring to the time when Abraham Lincoln stepped back and let the American self-made black multi-millionaire in the Oval Office step out in front of Matthew Brady and give speeches about reforming a prison system that is unfair to black people after a nice friendly hug. 

As I sat down to write this, my friends argued that I was being unfair.  They said, “Donna Brazile wasn’t the worst of them.”  Maybe they have a point.  The entire Repugnance Team East was joined in solidarity with the Repugnance League West in their hate, bigotry, and racism after Kanye took us back to the days when black multi-millionaires met Abraham Lincoln in the White House.  Kanye West, the Atlanta-born son of a Black Panther Party member and a multi-lingual educator, raised in Chicago with a stint in China during elementary school, has long been known for being “unapologetic-ally genuine.”  Sometimes, that comes across as sincere, and other times it comes across as just guano-town craziness, but it seems Kanye is Kanye regardless. And it works for him.  He’s a self-made multi-millionaire who gets to have lunch meetings with the President, after all.  You’d think the Left would celebrate someone with those traits. Unapologetic self-respect, embracing who and what he is, making himself and many, many others around him a success through his own efforts and talents, and reaching up to the top of our government to affect issues close to his heart, like prison reform.  Let me say that again.  A self-made black American multi-millionaire who sat with the President of the United States of America to discuss reforming a prison system that unfairly imprisons black people has now become the guy Donna Brazile and the Left think has set black people back 155 years.  I’ll pause here while you try to get your head around all the flaming chainsaws.

But like I said, it’s a full bench on both sides of the line at the Repugnance bowl 2018, and the offense was just getting warmed up.  Kanye also caught hell from other black Americans (albeit far less successful ones) for being an illiterate, uneducated negro and an Uncle Tom.  No less an Executive Office undermining, self-serving weasel as Jim Acosta (Repugnance Team East, Tight End) expressed his completely insincere and disingenuous shock and horror that Kanye West cursed in the Oval Office.  I did a Google search, just to be fair, to see what Mr. Acosta thought of Rahm Emanuel’s famously colorful language in the White House during his time there, or about other acts which I personally think were less respectful still, such as a former president sheathing his cigars in his interns on the Resolute Desk.  As yet, I have found no statements for or against.  Perhaps this is a new issue.  Perhaps Jim Acosta is only angry at Kanye for cursing because Kanye is a black man.  I can’t really say for sure.  But the trauma is real.  #WeStandWithJim.

To my friends, I say, “I agree.”  There’s more than enough absolutely disgusting behavior on the Left against Kanye, against our President, and in general against our country to go around.  So why pick on Donna Brazile this week?  Well, she’s the former head of her party.  She’s been involved in cover ups for Hillary and the DNC, and she’s done more to rig our elections than any ten Russians you’ll ever find.  She’s finally buying her way back into the party she betrayed with her loose lips when she told us all that the news media and the Hillary campaign were closer than they ought to be, and for spilling the beans about the Clinton’s behind the scenes financial control of the party.  But she’s doing it in a way that deserves the Repugnance League MVP Award with her comments on slavery.  In what world can she possibly suggest that Kanye West has done anything but reach out as a self-made black American multi-millionaire and affect some positive change on behalf of black Americans?  How can she suggest that Kanye and Trump’s meeting, in a time when black unemployment is at an all-time low, when minority families are more prosperous than ever, is anything but a net positive for the country in general, and black Americans in particular?  Is Kanye an eloquent and philosophical speaker?  No.  He’s an entertainer with a full-on crazy streak running right through the middle of his persona.  But he is Kanye, and in reaching out to Donald Trump, he’s done more for the cause he cares about than Donna Brazile has even tried to do.

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