Don Trump Jr UNLOADS: ‘The Biden Administration Thinks That YOU are a Threat to Democracy – WATCH!

Donald Trump Jr fires off shots at the Biden administration and the Democrats in America with this fiery video he shared on his Rumble channel.

“At this point they are very open about their intentions to make you the enemy of the state.”

He’s not wrong, If you watched the Fuhrer’s speech on Thursday night, that’s exactly what Biden said. MAGA Republicans are who they are targeting. It’s sickening, as MAGA Republicans love America, want to put America First, and want America to be the leaders of the free world.

“They literally just said that 75 million voters are a threat to Democracy to our Freedom, and to our rights. 75 million people, that doesn’t sound like unity to me.”

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Joe Biden has a 38% approval rating, so who was he talking to? Was he seriously calling 62 percent of Americans the enemy? Now I’m not saying that 62 percent are MAGA Republicans, but they damn sure don’t like Joe Biden or his administration.

“There have been some governments who tried to dehumanize people like this throughout history, and it hasn’t worked out well. They were definitely not pro democracy movements, they were really bad. IN fact the left has called our side these people for the last half decade.

He’s talking about Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and other horrific dictators throughout history who are responsible for the murders of millions of those that wouldn’t toe the line and do their bidding.

Don Jr called them out for their hypocrisy on BLM and Antifa violence as well.

“They’re the ones not denouncing Antifa violence, BLM violence, they pretend like people acting like fascists, their antifascists, because words have no meaning to these idiots anymore.”

What are your thoughts folks, do you agree with Don Jr?

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