Dolly Parton just announced that she is making a generous $1 million donation to Vanderbilt University Vaccine Center that is researching COVID-19 cure.

Dolly is acquainted with Dr. James Crowe, a Professor of Pediatrics and Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  He is currently Director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center. 

His research has focused on adaptive immune responses to various viral pathogens, in particular influenza virus,HIV, dengue virus, respiratory syncytial virus, rotavirus, human metapneumovirus and vacciniia virus, his group is particularly known for their work on antibody recognition of viral pathogens.

Dr. Crowe related his appreciation of the donation and recognized Dolly Parton as one of the top country entertainers in the world.

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IMJustice Marketing
2 years ago

To a University for the huge write-off right there Dolly?
Why not to all the many people who live in your city or town?
1000 families or households could get $1000 from you …
You would go down in history … For something other than your singing and you-know-what …