Does Jack Posobiec Have the Best White House Source in the Press Pool? NAILS Deleware Scoop and More!

It’s becoming pretty clear the more that things transpire that conservative reporter Jack Posobiec has the best White House source in America. He’s literally been knocking everything out of the park lately.

According to Posibiec’s source, the source told Jack that Joe Biden isn’t sleeping well at the White House and wants to go back home to Deleware.

Is the stress getting to ole Joe? I mean it’s pretty apparent as footage last week showed the President lost in the White House lawn trying to follow the path the Secret Service had laid out for him, but he couldn’t even do that.

About two hours after Posobiec released this scoop, guess who was headed to Deleware? None other than President Joe Biden.

Keep in mind this comes as he just finished a vacation at Camp David while Afghanistan is burning.

Mike Cernovich points out the date stamps and how Posobiec beat WMAL news by almost an hour on the scoop.

What are your thoughts America? Is Joe cracking under the pressure?

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Julio Cahn
Julio Cahn
1 year ago

Very much so. I agree completely that Biden is close to loosing it all.

1 year ago

Learn how to spell the name of the 1st state in the United States! It’s DELAWARE.