DNC Implodes: The Iowa Caucus Meltdown Continues..

It was a surreal opening act for the 2020 campaign that included unexplained “inconsistencies” in results that were not released to the public, heated conference calls with campaigns that were hung up on by the state party, firm denials of any kind of hacking and a presidential primary left in a strange state of almost suspended animation.

Monday’s Democratic caucus was fraught with chaos as the Iowa Democratic Party delayed releasing official results due to widespread reporting problems amid new rules and a new app.

The Iowa Democratic Party said today that it’s new app, meant to speed up the reporting of caucus results, suffered from a coding issue. The error which caused accurately collected data to only be partially reported, pushed the party to resort to manual backups. 
It seems,with no actual results, that every candidate is claiming a victory.  So far, there’s only one loser in Iowa: The Democratic Party.

President Donald Trump and his aides gleefully mocked the Democrats over the delayed results in Iowa’s first-in-the-nation presidential nominating contest, calling it an “unmitigated disaster” and the “sloppiest train wreck in history.”

“The only person that can claim a very big victory in Iowa last night is ‘Trump,'” the president tweeted early Tuesday.

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