DISTURBING: Black Lives Matter Rioters Destroy Restaurants — Then Start Climbing on People’s Homes (VIDEO)

As you’ve seen the mainstream media try to push out over the holiday weekend, the majority of these protesters are “peaceful.” Well video or a picture is definitely worth 1,000 words my friends.

As you’ll see from our friend Michelle Malkin, she shares the video from Rochester, New York that happened over the weekend.

That’s right, it’s a herd of angry Black Lives Matter folks attacking white people out dining.

The sad thing that no one in the media or on the left will admit is this is about race. Unfortunately it’s not the way they keep telling you. 13% of the population in America would like to bully and rule the rest of the nation. It’s getting out of hand, and it will get worse before it gets better.

When those that just want to be left alone get involved, it’s going to be a battle for our nation, and one that I unfortunately don’t see a way around. This fight is coming, I hope Americans are prepared.

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