DISTURBING: Arkansas High School Student Kneels During Girls Volleyball Game

Last night an Arkansas High School student decided to take a knee at a rivalry high school volleyball game.

The Rogers Heritage vs Rogers High School girls varsity volleyball game started with an unexpected moment Thursday night in Rogers, Arkansas. As the girls took the court for the National Anthem, the manager of the girls volleyball team took a knee. This is not something that anyone should expect to see at a high school sporting event, especially in Rogers, Arkansas.

It’s disappointing to see that they’re turning a high school volleyball game into another political football. Oppression in Rogers, Arkansas? I grew up in this town, this is my town. I’m a 4th generation Rogers resident. My Grandfather fought in WWII. Three purple hearts, the bronze star, the silver star, and his flag sits on the mantel in my home. What would he say?

Just because you have a right to protest, or do something doesn’t mean you should. There are many avenues to protest, and this isn’t one of them. Can you or I protest at a company meeting because we disagree with the boss? No! We would be fired on the spot, you’re on the clock. You are on school time, protest on your own time.

There are many division one college players, and even coaches who’ve ultimately been suspended and or fired for this. Arkansas Lady Razorbacks Basketball Coach and current ESPN College Basketball analyst Jimmy Dykes rings a bell. Dykes had players kneel last season, and it outraged the Arkansas alumni and fan base. People threatened and cut funding, and ultimately Dykes was fired at the seasons end.

I look forward to seeing what the Rogers Athletics Director does in this situation. It’s time that we start saying and doing what’s right in America. It’s not okay to kneel during the National Anthem, it’s not okay period. It’s time that parents in America, as well as coaches in America start teaching that. This is all about leadership, and as they say attitude reflects leadership.

I want to know what these people are doing in their communities to better the community? What are they outraged for? Have they scheduled a Police ride along? Have they worked on getting education out between Police and the Community? If you aren’t actively working to make things better, but you’re protesting because it looks cool, that’s the problem.

This young man kneeling probably has no clue what he’s even kneeling for, but the fact that he hasn’t been taught this in the home, or on the court isn’t his fault. This is the fault of adults. America it’s time to take a leadership role in the home. It’s time to take a leadership role at schools if you’re a teacher or a coach. It’s time to own accountability. It’s time to show our youth that we are proud to be Americans. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.


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